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The new album from a trio which has dedicated itself to playing in a way which Errol Garner, one of the great american improvisers and innovators in jazz, might have done. If only he had known the songs, that is! Well, some of them he might actually have heard but others were not around in his life time. The concept is best described as an hommage to the swing and playfullness of the master but with a clear and personal artistical voice from, not least, pianist Henrik Gunde (Danish Radio Bigband), bassist Nicolas Kock and drummer Karsten Bagge.

Recorded Live at jazzclub Termansen, Ribe, Denmark, Nov. 28 2022

Recorded & mixed by: Karsten Bagge

Mastered by: Jacob Schødt Worm/Finland Studio

Gunde On Garner at Termansen (LIVE)

SKU: 006
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