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KB Project

Feat. Per Gade (guitar), Henrik Gunde (piano) & Thomas Fonnesbæk (bass)

The music: A refreshing and melodic, nordic approach to modern jazz.

KB Project work from a perspective of a clear nordic temperament and “spirit” of the material, but the inspiration from the approach found on the contemporary New York acoustic jazz scene is evident as well, thus making it a hybrid of two worlds.

Some have likened the music to that of contemporaries Pat Metheny, Aaron Parks and Kurt Rosenwinkel, perhaps not least due to the sonic trademarks of blending guitar and piano.

In the compositions there is a taste for melodies and the inherent quality to evoke images in the listener’s mind, making the music of KB Project stand on its own as a refreshing and melodic, nordic approach to modern jazz.

A personal story: Musical reflections on playfullness

The music from the band’s debut album, Enfant Terrific, is a celebration of the playful and the ability to be spontaneous and immediate. The catchy and evocative compositions form a tribute to “the child”, litterally and in all of us, and is written around the time the bandleader’s own son was born. The playfullness is underlined all the more by the combined approach of the band members, where the prevalent on stage impression is that of four guys playing round with the material, always communicating expressively and trying for new, yet untested hights.


Some reviews:

Jazzspecial #119 Feb/Mar 2011. By Jakob Hassing 

A cd which generously opens up to the listener…Unites the effortless and the playful…Magnificently delivered…Joyous…

JazzNyt March 12 2011. By Niels Overgård 

Enfant Terrific is a fine document from one of the most important drummers in Denmark.

Gaffa 24. august 2011. By Ivan Rod 

A truly outstanding cd of melodic instrumental jazz…The material is composed by Karsten Bagge, who demonstrates with enfant terrific, that he is both an accomplished composer and bandleader.

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